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Kate Halaris

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Kate Halaris-

Hello! Welcome to Noonday Collection. My Name is Kate Halaris and I am located in Louisville (Prospect) Kentucky. I am a mom to three little loves- Calli (8) Nell (6) and George (3). In my pre-mom life I worked in management, business development and as an assistant buyer for a major department store. My eye for fashion, my thirst for compassion and kindness for all things big and small and my relational skills are the gifts that I was given to bring to Noonday. I have been a Noonday Ambassador for over 5 years. I, am like so many of my customers, in that I fell in love with the style of Noonday after seeing a piece featured on a blog, but it's the stories that drew me to become an ambassador and continue to make me love Noonday. I love having a platform to share about social justice, adoption and sustainable employment while I style beautiful Fair Trade accessories in my community. I was able to travel to Guatemala to work along side our artisan partners in 2013, Ecuador in 2015 and Peru in 2016 and I have seen the difference that this company and that your purchases are making! I believe in the "power of one" the ability that we all have to make a difference. Being a Noonday Ambassador has given me opportunities within my community and I am amazed at how many of you are wanting to make a difference, too! I invite you to shop, host a party or come alongside me as an ambassador.

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